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Why is 'Hospitality Marketing' important in 2021?

Especially now, in today's climate of a pandemic I have noticed especially on Social Media how closely local communities have come together. More and more hospitality businesses are helping out., coming together to help people in need, such as charities and helping to feed the N.H.S. These stories feed on to the wave of the feel good factor and can also help boost your business without even realising. Actively posting on your Social Media platforms and updates on your website with more importantly a link or a 'Call to Action' can both boost your audience and your sales.

Whilst we as a nation are in the middle of another national lock-down with the pandemic, we are probably spending more time on own devices and Social Media ( that's if you are not continuously home-schooling ) mindlessly scrolling through, looking for something to grab our attention. Food and drink are always high on our agenda as it stimulates the senses. does me, haha! So it is important to post consistently and also to have high quality images and video to post.

“Since the hospitality industry mainly focuses on creating and maintaining positive customer experience and relationships, marketing becomes an important part of ensuring the industry’s success. If you want to attract more customers to your hotel or travel business, you need to efficiently advertise on different digital channels and be where your niche audience is.”

Food for thought...

Not all businesses are suited to all Social Media platforms. How does a small business owner, especially one in Hospitality, have the time to post and interact with all the possible Social Media platforms out there. The market for these is constantly expanding. How do you find the time to find out what is more beneficial for your business?

Also a big trend during 2020 and will obviously continue this year will be in promoting safety and Guest communication. Making people believe your business is COVID-19 secure will hopefully entice the public back after this pandemic has reduced enough for everyone to begin coming back to their favourite hospitality venues. It will take time and things i believe will change. Many businesses will have to adapt. This does not mean it has to be expensive, but new and existing technologies will help businesses as people will be looking for venues that keep them safe. ( Look out for my next blog which will show you information on what is out there regarding new technology to enhance your customer experience of your business ) But this could also mean getting the message ot to your community that you and your team are doing your best in making your customers feel safe. Posts on Social Media that demonstrate increased cleaning schedules, relocation of tables and chairs to allow for social distancing, enforcement of mask-wearing in certain parts of your premises or by staff members, expanded use of contact-less payments and mobile apps. The key is to make sure these changes are clearly communicated to customers before arrival.

There is also a trend in the Leisure Industry in showing what we have to offer. More and more hotels, guest houses, 'AirBnB's are attracting customers by showcasing what the local area has to offer. some venues even team up with local tourist venues. Through times of COVID-19 we can show your customers what Sussex has to offer. This in turn keeps engagement and more chance for people to book with you. How can you do this? All you have to do is add a new page to your website by showing what your local area has to offer. If you need help with this then please do contact me.


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