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Digital Marketing for 
Small Business

Owning and working in a small business, you are more than likely wearing more than one hat. Whether dealing with customers, keeping on top of all the paperwork, looking after your digital marketing and website is a big commitment, and taking up much of your precious time. So why not let me help and ease the burden? 

You may well feel overwhelmed, busy, not have much time, or not sure what to do, so I can offer one-2-one training packages or simply provide you a one-off training session to get you all set up and teach you the basics. Take a look at my services and what I have to offer to help with your digital marketing. 

We are a Social Media Agency specialising in updating all your Social Platforms, creating traffic to your website consequently creating more enquiries and therefore more potential sales revenue.
Creating the perfect website tailored to every single client. You are unique and therefore require a unique shop window! One-to-one free consultation to get to know you and your business. Be it an idea or an existing business. You may need to re-brand or just update an existing website. Get in contact with how we can help you today!

But all social media posts need a call to action. Most calls to action drive traffic to your website, which is your shop-front of what you have to offer to the world online. Just like your social media, your website needs to reflect you and your business. I also offer professional website design and e-commerce solutions. 


Social Media Management

A digital marketing company can take the helm of your marketing needs which will free you up to spend more time with your customers and other business needs. We offer flexible packages which can be individually tailored to your business. I am currently working with clients such as clothing stores, hair salons, dance schools, a wedding supplier and hospitality venues.


Website Design 

Affordable, responsive websites for small businesses & start-ups. We don't just build websites but we can also host and publish your site. 

A clean professional website is vital to engage your customers. Nearly 80% of consumers are searching your business via a mobile device so you need to be mobile friendly giving you a wider audience. 

FREE consultation about Digital Marketing

Contact me for a FREE consultation to see how I can help you with your Digital Marketing  for your business.


Ecommerce retail sales in the UK raised to 36% of all retail in the UK in 2021. During these crazy times it is vitally important for you and your business to be selling online, especially now! Be visible & current.

If you need advice or would like us to set up your store online for you then please contact us today!



There is no denying the impact social media can have on your food and drink business. We eat and also drink with our eyes. Sounds silly but with the quality of pictures, videos, and reels on Instagram with the food or drink #hashtag, it's a competitive market out there. So how can you stand out? 


Harness the power of your staff's social media platforms to grow your business. Simply by encouraging your employees to share your news with their friends online and expand your reach and engagement to a much wider audience. I can  provide training to your team, setting guidelines on how they can help represent your brand on social media.


It's about giving your staff the tools they need to maximise your brand awareness. 

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