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30 Years 


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Sussex Hospitality Consultancy & Training

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Customer Service

Invest time in your customers and they will in return invest in you and your business. 

Customer loyalty and retention should be 100% top of your priority list, especially in today's climate. We can help achieve this by giving you and your staff the skills they need to show off the professionalism, friendliness, and expertise that will make your venue stand out from the competition.

Credit. John Scofield Photography & Tottington Manor

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Custome Service

Product Knowledge

A huge part of customer retention is giving your staff the power to enhance your customer's experience. Wowing them with knowledge of local ingredients or wines from your area. Maybe you have an extensive Gin range at your venue and a customer asks which you would recommend and why. All this knowledge takes time to master, but we can help in guiding you on the right path.

Credit: Harley House Distillery

Product Kowledge

Upselling & Sales

Getting to know your customers will help you and your team 'personalise' their experience at your venue. Engagement with consumers gives you a greater opportunity in showing what your business can offer. It can be a simple introduction to a premium product or taking the time to show your customer around the venue, promoting what else your business has to offer. 


And remember the biggest upsell of them all is a smile! 

Credit. John Scofield Photography & Tottington Manor

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Upselling & Sales

Venue Consultancy

We aim to focus on 'Profitability' and maximising that aspect of the business. Key focus points are sales, food & liquor gross profit, and wage costs. 

One of the major costs of running a venue in today's economical climate is your fuel & energy costs. Utilities are very much high on the agenda at the moment not only now, but when forecasting for the coming months.

We can help you and your management team understand how to control your business costs. Monitoring and helping to achieve budgets set by the banks or business partners

If you just want to have a brief chat over a coffee then do not hesitate in contacting me.


I'm always free for a good coffee and a chat!

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Digital Marketing

‘Purplebox Social Media', is predominantly a Digital Marketing driver for the Hospitality Industry. Based in Seaford, East Sussex, I have worked in the industry for 30 years and since lock-down, I have been working on how I can give back to the industry that I love & still madly passionate about. 


Small independent bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes, B’ n B’ s, don’t have the same support network as the big chains do and they do everything themselves, often reinventing the wheel so with all my experience I thought I could help.


Message me today, check out our Social & get in touch.

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Digital Marketing
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