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Fed up with no one seeing your social media posts. Are you finding it difficult to attract more customers to your business? Here are my 5 secret small fixes to power-boost your brand visibility on your social media platforms.

Welcome to what is going to be the start of a new video series on 'Social Media Small Fixes' Each week I will be sharing tips and sharing secrets on how to power-boost your social media visibility and increase your chances of attracting new customers.

I first started 'Purple Box' in 2018 by helping small business owners by giving out advice and helping them start out with their socials. Then Covid-19 hit and like many businesses I diversified into other media and started to help in building online shops with Shopify, Wix & WordPress, with the boom of e-commerce throughout the pandemic. I had little experience so I attended lots of online courses and taught myself how to build websites. Later gaining a recognised qualification from 'The Internet Business School' taught in person by Simon Coulson. Today I am now helping businesses from all walks of life. From hair salons to small online sustainable clothing ranges, various hospitality venues, and enterprises, dance schools, jewellery shops, a local gin distillery, etc...

Some of the following tips are from the journey of my own experiences I have made with 'Purplebox Social'. We all have to start somewhere and we all make mistakes along the way.

Here are my top 5 'Small Fixes' to get you started.

Tip #1 - Beat the Scroll

One of the first questions to ask yourself is" what stops me from scrolling?" Is it usually eye-catching, something that made you laugh, or just caught your interest? Was it a video or just an image that stood out and resonated with you? All these factors need to be thought about when you are posting content. You have to think about what the customer wants to see and what will make them stop on your post and click and interact with your account. Too many businesses make the mistake and most of the time unintentionally, posting about what they are trying to sell or showcase. It needs to be about the customer. It has to strike an interest with them.

Tip #2 - Call to action

When you are thinking of what to post on your socials you need to link it to a relevant product or service or a page on your website. Quite often people miss this basic action. But of course, you don't always have to link your post to something. Your post can just be a thought or something you just wanted to share with your audience. Remember, it's not just about you. It is about building connections, trust in your brand, and communicating with people.

A strong 'call to action' is asking your audience to act on a link you post. It needs not be too pushy or urgent. I like to post it conversationally. If people are genuinely interested in what you are saying, they will most probably click on the link. Be clear in your approach, stay true to your brand and pick strong action words, and always double-check that the link you post works and is linked to the correct product, page, or service.

Tip #3 - # Hashtags

Hashtags simplified are a form of identifying topics of conversation online. Adding a hashtag to your topic opens up your conversation to potentially thousands of other people. Hashtags act as keywords on search engines such as Google, which offers you the opportunity to be discovered by a new audience. They can boost your brand, and categorise your content.

Imagine you are talking about Gin. (a favourite in my house!) Firstly start with a REAL picture rather than a stock image if you can avoid it. Then a killer write-up describing what you are offering. Then add a link to your offering. Finish with your hashtags. Focus on hashtags that specifically describe the content you showcase on your account and are the best fit for your target audience. Eg, instead of using #gin, I’d try #sussexgin.

An online tool I use that is linked to Google Chrome extensions is

Finally, keep an eye on trending hashtags that go viral. If something big is happening locally or in the national news then jump on the bandwagon.

Tip #4 - Optimise your Social Media Bios

This is a common mistake and is one I made at the start of my journey. I had multiple accounts on different social media platforms and over time each account changed slightly but I never changed the other accounts. As human beings we are never satisfied and we are always trying to better ourselves, which is not a bad thing, but in this case, it confused my audience, hence I wasn't getting any traffic to my website.

My advice is to be very clear about the service or product you are offering. Use keywords to describe your business and make sure everything is linked correctly.

Confused people don't convert into customers and they just leave.

There is also a handy app that I have added to all my accounts called, It links all your accounts and links in one place. It is simple to use and free.

Tip #5 - SEO

Lastly, knowing just a little bit about SEO can go a long way in helping you succeed. SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation. Think of it as a strategy and use it in asking yourself what you think people would type into a search engine to find your business. As small business owners, we are always teaching ourselves new things. We have many different hats on every day, so knowing the basics and a little of something is better than nothing at all. I have found that SEO can be very complex but it needn't be. It is something that keeps reinventing itself but without some SEO knowledge search engines, especially Google won't recognise your website and therefore customers won't be able to find you through search.

Optimising your website for search gives you the best opportunity in being seeing seen on Google.

What I do at 'Purplebox Social'

The above tips are a snippet of what I do every day for various businesses around Sussex. It can be a couple of hours sitting down with a customer helping to set up a new social media account or writing a blog for someone. It could be setting up an email campaign or setting up a shop on Shopify or Etsy.

The best thing about what I do is that I get to meet lots of different people and no one day is the same.

So if you need any help with social media or websites then take a look at my website and don't hesitate to contact me. I am never too far away for a chat over coffee (I do love great coffee and a chat!)

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Social media has greatly transformed the business landscape. It is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, which provides incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers worldwide. With the advent of ‘Social Media’ we found that we could spread the message to a much wider audience it’s clear that social media will continue to be a part of consumers’ daily lives, with smartphones and mobile devices as the main driving force. In 2020, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide reached 145 minutes per day. As it stands, social media statistics show that more than 90% of social media users use mobile devices to access social networks.

Such statistics clearly show the growing trend and reliance of consumers on social media, indicating a clear opportunity for social media marketing opportunities for

businesses worldwide.

Social Media is a ‘ shop window’ to your business. You can virtually show the whole world what you are trying to promote. When Covid-19 struck and we all had to go into lock-down, social media was one of the main ways to communicate with family and friends. Businesses started to interact even more so with customers. At first it was a way to relieve the boredom but also in making sure you had their business at the forefront of your mind so when we did finally come out of lock-down then that business would be high on your agenda to visit or buy online from. One of my favourite pubs ‘The Berwick Inn’ in Berwick, Polegate held a weekly quiz on Facebook. They had a fantastic response from people all over. It also gave them the opportunity to let people know that they would be launching a takeaway/delivery service. During that time they also renovated a couple of spare rooms above the pub and turned them into amazing guest rooms. They also invested in their outside space in time for when we could dine outside again but also set-up a dining igloo/pod which housed up to 6 people.

We all know how easy it is to communicate with a business online these days. 'Social Customer Service' is the new way to communicate and questions or complaints a customer may have. We have so many options available to us. We have Twitter, Facebook you are not already on 'Google My Business' then i suggest you register your business online as soon as possible. 'Google My Business' is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. To help customers find your business, and to tell them your story, you can verify your business and edit your business information. All of these platforms can generate more traffic to your website but also encourage your customers to leave you a review

Ambassador says 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. This shows the importance of social media in businesses.

Providing fantastic customer service is likely already a top priority for every business. But along with the two-way communication that social media provides, it also offers a unique opportunity to step up your customer service game and provide instant gratification to your target audience.

WhatsApp, for example, is the most popular channel for customer service on a global front. The numbers say there are more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, sharing more than 60 billion messages every day, a huge amount of on-platform activity.

WhatsApp Business app, launched by Whatsapp enables business users to “interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to the messages”.

Social media best practices:

You should be prompt in responding to online reviews. Customers share their positive as well as negative feedback over social media. Respond to your social media comments quickly. You need to respond to them as priority else it will affect your brand image

There are several questions you must ask yourself before you plan your social media strategy

What are the channels where my customers are present?

What are the ways to target my audience on those channels?

What are my objectives and the Return on Investment of the social media strategy?

So it is evident that how social media can have an immense impact on your business and can be one of the most powerful marketing channels to reach out to your audience.

In a nutshell, social media helps businesses in three key areas;

Brand building – Social media is one of the most profitable digital marketing platforms that boosts your brand visibility among potential customers, allowing you to reach a bigger audience. By applying a social media customer service strategy, you significantly increase your brand recognition.

Omni channel engagement – Research shows, 60% of US millennials expect consistent experiences when dealing with brands online, in-store, or by phone. Social media strategies boost user engagement across channels in order to engage customers and deliver better omni channel customer experience. (BTW i love that word OMNI. All, all of things)

Business growth – Social interaction between businesses & customers is a growing trend that increases sales and improves brand loyalty. More than 65% of businesses are on social media to increase leads.

Almost 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic. It an ideal way to create brand awareness and stay in contact with your customers.

Social media platforms are becoming the main source for people to learn more about businesses – latest information about new products, services, advertisements, deals or promotions. Everything your customers and potential customers need to know.

Identify your target audience, their patterns, behaviors and then choose the right social media channels for your business.

Social media is a place to forge connections and bring a voice to your brand. Ensure that your tone is consistent, friendly, and suits your business that you are trying to showcase.

Visual and engaging content is key. To publish relevant, quality content and involve your audience – ask questions, use polls, and host events.

Many businesses are jumping into the Social Media Marketing (SMM) bandwagon as its positive impact on brands and promises profitable success when done properly. Social media marketing techniques target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness.

Social media marketing is perceived as a more targeted type of advertising and therefore it is very effective in creating brand awareness. Social media engagement campaigns produce a lot of shares, generate more views and publicity for your business – all for a one-time cost.

Social media marketing campaigns usually center around:

Establishing a social media presence on major platforms

Creating shareable content and advertorials

Cultivating customer feedback throughout the campaign through surveys and contests

A single person sharing or re-tweeting a message from your company could reach hundreds or even thousands of people for virtually no cost! Businesses that miss out on this with social media strategies that don’t generate engagement are losing a major opportunity.

Setting up a social media presence, building and engaging them effectively with quality content is a big effort. But the biggest benefit you can glean from your investment in social media is to reach out to your potential customers wherever they can be found across the globe.

Social media engagement is positive as the reputation it generates for your brand but on the other hand, a single negative tweet can bring bad publicity overnight, which is difficult to reverse. Below are a few best practices for engaging users.

Keep your brand at the top of the news-feed by posting witty and engaging content regularly.

Images increase the interaction rates so use images.

Try being personal with your audience. Make them feel there are real people behind the brand.

To put this all into practice can be quite daunting for many people. You have a business to run so you want to be with your customers doing what you do best, so you could ask yourself if you have time to do all of this. Well this is what i do! I have 'Social Media Packages' designed to take the pressure off of you, helping your business maximise its online potential. Finding which platforms work best for you, setting you up with an

e-commerce site adding another revenue stream to your business.

For all enquiries or if you just fancy a chat to see what we can do for your business then please do not hesitate in contacting us. or call me on 07742450881

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Especially now, in today's climate of a pandemic I have noticed especially on Social Media how closely local communities have come together. More and more hospitality businesses are helping out., coming together to help people in need, such as charities and helping to feed the N.H.S. These stories feed on to the wave of the feel good factor and can also help boost your business without even realising. Actively posting on your Social Media platforms and updates on your website with more importantly a link or a 'Call to Action' can both boost your audience and your sales.

Whilst we as a nation are in the middle of another national lock-down with the pandemic, we are probably spending more time on own devices and Social Media ( that's if you are not continuously home-schooling ) mindlessly scrolling through, looking for something to grab our attention. Food and drink are always high on our agenda as it stimulates the senses. does me, haha! So it is important to post consistently and also to have high quality images and video to post.

“Since the hospitality industry mainly focuses on creating and maintaining positive customer experience and relationships, marketing becomes an important part of ensuring the industry’s success. If you want to attract more customers to your hotel or travel business, you need to efficiently advertise on different digital channels and be where your niche audience is.”

Food for thought...

Not all businesses are suited to all Social Media platforms. How does a small business owner, especially one in Hospitality, have the time to post and interact with all the possible Social Media platforms out there. The market for these is constantly expanding. How do you find the time to find out what is more beneficial for your business?

Also a big trend during 2020 and will obviously continue this year will be in promoting safety and Guest communication. Making people believe your business is COVID-19 secure will hopefully entice the public back after this pandemic has reduced enough for everyone to begin coming back to their favourite hospitality venues. It will take time and things i believe will change. Many businesses will have to adapt. This does not mean it has to be expensive, but new and existing technologies will help businesses as people will be looking for venues that keep them safe. ( Look out for my next blog which will show you information on what is out there regarding new technology to enhance your customer experience of your business ) But this could also mean getting the message ot to your community that you and your team are doing your best in making your customers feel safe. Posts on Social Media that demonstrate increased cleaning schedules, relocation of tables and chairs to allow for social distancing, enforcement of mask-wearing in certain parts of your premises or by staff members, expanded use of contact-less payments and mobile apps. The key is to make sure these changes are clearly communicated to customers before arrival.

There is also a trend in the Leisure Industry in showing what we have to offer. More and more hotels, guest houses, 'AirBnB's are attracting customers by showcasing what the local area has to offer. some venues even team up with local tourist venues. Through times of COVID-19 we can show your customers what Sussex has to offer. This in turn keeps engagement and more chance for people to book with you. How can you do this? All you have to do is add a new page to your website by showing what your local area has to offer. If you need help with this then please do contact me.

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